Indoor Exercises

Indoor Exercises

Keeping fit can be a challenge at times even in these isolation times so here are some indoor exercises you can try. Sometimes going to the gym may be impractical due to time and money and going outside may be impeded by extreme weather. Exercise is medicine, it is a wonderful way to de-stress and maintain our sanity through difficult times. It doesn’t have to be difficult and you don’t always need fancy gym equipment to get a great workout. Creating a daily thirty-minute exercise routine in your home will help motivate you through your day and keep you on an even keel to deal with any stress throughout the day. It will also help you achieve better sleep patterns as well which we discussed in this blog. Here are some exercises you can incorporate in your routine and youtube videos of examples of how to do them.

The wall sit is a great exercise for toning your thighs. Increasing the time and challenging yourself is a great way to feel the burn and increase your strength.

The push up is a classic exercise that works a lot of muscles in your upper body including your core. Using a yoga mat will also help if your floor doesn’t have carpet.

The squat is a great exercise to help strengthen your knees, make sure your form is correct. When you have mastered the form you can add weights to the mix to challenge yourself.

The plank is a great core exercise to work on your abs. Remember to get your form correct to avoid injury.

Jogging On The Spot. If you’re missing gym classes here is a great workout to burn the fat and get the body moving.

Remember to warm up and if you start to feel pain or shortness of breath take a break. Be sure to check in with your GP when it comes to diet and exercise and always get their help in finding a good routine of indoor exercises that work for you.